Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Typical Question from Apes 2

Black hole

Typical Question from the Apes

"Have you ever been to a planet where humans are eagles?"

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Quotes from Apes - Imagination Car Race

January 2019

Apes and I are playing imagination car race. He is in a race car and I'm on a motorcycle. Two minutes into the game.

Apes: "Zoom - Zoom! And we are about to go into a haunted house!"
Me: lol ! "Why!?"

Quotes from Apes - Theories on Santa Claus

November 2018

”Mommy, Santa Claus is not real,“ Apes declared.
Me, surprised: "Oh? How do you figured?"
Apes: "Santa Claus is not real because no one can live forever."
Me: "Okay. But how come other kids think he's real?"
Apes: "I don't know. He is either not real or he is a robot. Cuz a person simply cannot fly to all the houses in one night."

- good logic, sir!

Quotes from Apes - Friendship (or lack of)

Sept 2018

Apes experienced betrayal from his friends at the new school. Apes:
"I am a lonely asteroid floating in the galaxy."

Sunday, July 29, 2018

去年的這個時候, 同事姐姐的其中一個雙胞胎因窒息上天堂了.

發生時, 同事的姊姊姊夫正開車出去玩, 留下大兒子和兩個雙胞胎給同事的爸媽看.

爸媽沒留神時, 其中一個雙胞胎的頭卡在大人的床框和床墊中間, 救護車到時以及就不及.

事過幾個月, 同事說他的姊夫因不能承受喪子的打擊, 酗酒用藥又失業, 姊姊每天在家帶小孩覺得措手不及.


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Life is full of disappointments... and love

Today, we came back from our last camping trip of the year.

We went to big basin and I had a fantastic good time.

Sure we had a few expected and unexpected things that happened: we went from a site with too many people to everyone bailed on us; even the last person whom I told Ben repeatedly to be not a flake flaked on us.

Apes was especially disappointed because originally he expected to have at least two of his favorite friends to be on the trip but then none showed up. It also did not help when he tried to make friends with the boys on the neighboring site, one of the boys shoot his toy gun at Apes. When Apes tried to make friends with the girl on the neighboring site, the girl told Apes not to look at her.

Apes has expressed to us how little he liked this trip and how he related these disappointment and social problems on the trip to his problem with this girl from school. He just started at a new school for one week. He misses his friends from the old school and this girl at the new school has been very physical toward Apes.

I am very sad for him as a mom but still love this trip. I love this trip because I love spending time with Ben and Apes, and I love the redwoods. Oh the redwoods, they are just so majestic and graceful. The whole time I was there, I thought about how lucky I was to be there and to be able to enjoy the time with my family. Since this was the fourth camping trip of the year, I was very well prepared. I had just the right amount of food and more blankets than I needed. This was the first time that I was not cold at night and this had made me very happy and satisfied with myself.

Even though I was attempted to glace Apes's disappointments with my joy of being there and joy of being with him, I reminded myself that disappointments are part of life and these were very valuable life lessons for him (I am an asshole in many ways of a mom). I really hope that Apes will one day understand that life is full of disappointments and be able to cherish the love and joy around him.